Saturday, 28 March 2020

Router Login Via Mobile App FAQs?


Some of the common questions related to the Netgear Router Login process are provided below. 

You will get access to the following functions via a Netgear Router account.   
  1. Change default login credentials
  2. Fix login issues and errors
  3. Customize MTU size (Maximum Transfering Units)
  4. Set Parental Control 
  5. Update router’s firmware
  6. Get connected devices details
  7. Increase network connection speed. 

In case you are not able to gain access to routers login window or getting the login error then, try following the below-given procedures. 
  1. Check the provided login credentials.
  2. Try performing the login procedure on another medium such as laptop, mobile device, tablet, etc. 
  3. Clear browser’s history and cache files.
  4. Try disabling firewalls, ads blocking software, pop-up blockers.
  5. Perform a Factory reset procedure. 
  6. Check the cable connections among the router, modem, as well as, computer.
  7. Make sure you are connected to just one network. Multiple networks connection will hinder the process.

No. Both the Netgear account and Netgear router account are not the same. Using the Netgear account, you can manage all the Netgear offerings, monitor the network connectivity and manage it, perform warranty activation, etc. However, the Netgear router account is specified to your router only. You can change the router’s settings with the help of the account.

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